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If you are currently serving probation or parole, then you are already at least a little familiar with the procedures of the justice system. But during this period, seemingly minor actions that violate the terms of your probation or parole are crimes in themselves and they can pull you back into court.

Patterson Law Offices, P.A. can help you stick to the terms of your probation or parole and even apply for early termination so you can return to the routines of a fully free life. And if you are facing charges such as probation violations or parole violations, we will defend your interests and help minimize the impact on your existing sentence.

Probation And Parole Are Often Confused, But They Are Very Different

A person is placed on probation when the sentencing judge suspends the jail or prison portion of a sentence. Probation may be either supervised or unsupervised.

In some cases, individuals who are on supervised felony probation may petition the sentencing judge to terminate their probation or convert the remaining period of probation to unsupervised status.

Parole results when an individual has been sent to prison and has completed the fixed or determinate portion of the sentence but still has some years remaining on the indeterminate portion. The parole commission is appointed by the governor and makes decisions regarding if or when an individual will be released on parole.

Criminal defense attorney George Patterson has helped many clients petition the court for a change in probation status or to modify certain terms and conditions of probation. We also represent clients at parole and parole revocation hearings.

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